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Attorney Kevin Madison has unique credentials of having been a Police Chief, Criminal Investigator, and Assistant District Attorney of Travis County, Texas. This short video discusses what to do when you are a victim of sexual harassment or groping (assault) by your boss.



The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison recently obtained a $350,000 gross settlement for two women who were groped and sexually molested by their physician.  In addition to the perpetrator having to liquidate a large amount of his assets to fund this settlement he relinquished his license to practice medicine.

We are honored to represent victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation throughout the State of Texas.  We believe that the overwhelming majority of physicians are honorable and ethical doctors, as my father was, whose sole interests are to care for and heal their patients.  My wife is a licensed Registered Nurse. I, too, am a Healthcare Provider as a volunteer Firefighter and EMT.  We all have an ethical duty to weed out predators that we find in any profession, whether they be mental health professionals, therapists, clergy, rabbis, teachers, or attorneys who sexually abuse, molest, or harass women, men, or children.

I use my police investigative skills and prosecution skills that I honed as a Criminal Investigator and as an Assistant District Attorney to pursue these predators. We never charge an hourly fee or retainer. We only get paid if we get a settlement for our client. Thus, there is no financial risk for our clients. I am always honored to review all cases with no charge or any legal obligation to hire me. Strict Confidentiality of all prospective clients.  Most cases settle without a public lawsuit being filed. Please call (512) 708-1650 or email me ( for a free consultation anytime. Female nurse available to discuss your case for female callers, if desired.

March 24, 2020 Attorney Kevin Madison Comments Off on US Soldiers Finally Given Right To Sue Dangerous and Incompetent Military Doctors

US Soldiers Finally Given Right To Sue Dangerous and Incompetent Military Doctors


By Attorney Kevin R. Madison, J.D., E.M.T.

On December 19, 2019, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act. This landmark legislation overrules the US Supreme Court decision in Feres vs. United States that had barred, for 70 years, active duty military service members from suing military doctors for medical malpractice.

Prior to Congress passing the National Defense Authorization Act 2020, active duty military personnel were not allowed to sue the Federal Government or Military Doctors if they were injured, disabled or died as a result of medical malpractice while serving their country, on active duty.

In 1950, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a “land-mine” opinion in Feres v. United States, when it held armed service members had no legal right to make legal medical malpractice claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act for physical injuries. The Court stated “the relationship between the Government and members of its armed forces is ‘distinctively federal in character,’” and that the federal government did not “create a new cause of action dependent on local law for service-connected injuries or death due to negligence.”

This case, known commonly as the “Feres Doctrine” has precluded and barred active duty military service members and their family members from being able to sue military doctors for medical malpractice and even gross medical malpractice, even in cases where an inept military doctor removed the wrong organ, caused injury, permanent disability, or even the death of a soldier patient. This right to sue grossly incompetent doctors who maim or kill their patients is a right that all US citizens have but was denied to active duty military service members.

The protections afforded (by the Feres Doctrine) to incompetent and dangerous doctors who practiced in military hospitals used to attract these substandard physicians who had been repeatedly sued, reprimanded by state medical licensing boards, and barred from private hospitals. These incompetent doctors, who had been run out of the private sector, had a”green light” to practice in military hospitals without fear of any legal consequences.  Soldiers who were injured, maimed, or killed as a result of medical malpractice, by military doctors, could not sue them. The military hospitals became “safe havens” for incompetent physicians and surgeons.*

The National Defense Authorization Act 2020 became effective on January 1, 2020. Now military service members are allowed to bring medical malpractice claims against Department of Defense doctors and other health care providers, thus, finally affording them the same rights the public at large has enjoyed for years.  The new law, however, does not allow service members to sue military hospitals (run by federal government), but at least they can assert claims against dangerous and incompetent Department of Defense doctors.


*I am an EMT and have served without pay as a volunteer firefighter and EMT for over 12 years. My wife is a RN and served in the US Army for 6 years. My father, Dr. Leonard Madison, MD. Served in the Army-Air Force during WWII. After the war, he served for 50 years as a physician and professor of medicine at UT Southwestern Medical School and the Dallas VA Hospital. I would also add that this article’s reference to inept doctors and health care providers is by no means a reflection on the majority of fine doctors and nurses serving in military medical facilities throughout the world. We should honor and cherish them. Incompetent military doctors, who endanger our active duty members of our military, should be drummed out.

If you or a loved one in the military feel you may have a medical malpractice claim, please contact my law firm for a free consultation. We respond to all emails and calls 7 days a week. All cases are handled on a percentage fee basis contingent upon obtaining a recovery for our clients. If we do not obtain a settlement for our clients, they don’t pay us a penny. No hourly fees, no cash retainer. Free consultation via telephone and email. We handle cases throughout Texas and can refer and/or work jointly on cases throughout the US. Tel: (512) 708-1650 or email:

November 23, 2019 Attorney Kevin Madison Comments Off on Settlement of Case Against Houston Minister for Sexual Exploitation of Member of Congregation

Settlement of Case Against Houston Minister for Sexual Exploitation of Member of Congregation

Just settled a case against a Church Minister in Houston for sexually exploiting a member of his congregation. Case settled for $50,000. My law firm has successfully settled dozens and dozens of Sexual Exploitation cases against Doctors, Psychiatrists, Family Therapists, Ministers, Rabbis, and Priests, similar to this. All of our sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. If we obtain a settlement for our client then we are paid a percentage of that settlement. If we are unable to obtain a settlement, our clients don’t pay us a penny. In short, our attorney’s fees are paid by the defendants. There are no retainer fees or hourly fees. Call or email us for a free confidential consultation. Call (512) 708-1650 or email me at We accept cases throughout the State of Texas and Tennessee.

Help for patients sexually exploited by their Doctors and Therapists.

Check out my You Tube video on what patients should do when they are sexually molested or exploited by their doctors, psychiatrists, or therapists.  We also sue lawyers, priests, and others who abuse their positions of trust in our community and prey on women and men.

September 7, 2018 Attorney Kevin Madison Comments Off on $50,000 JUDGMENT AGAINST AUSTIN CPS INVESTIGATOR



On August 27 I tried a case in front of Travis County Court at Law Judge Shepperd. Case was against an Austin Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigator who had been sexually harassing a woman he was “investigating” on very thin allegations.

We alleged and proved that defendant made lewd statements to her during a home visit and texted her a disgusting lewd pornographic photo from his personal cell phone.

Judge Shepperd found that we had proven our allegations by a preponderance of the evidence and awarded a judgment for $50,000 for actual and punitive damages for my client.

Child Protective Services terminated this man as an employee as well.

Sexual harassment Case Against North Texas Doctor

Attorney Kevin Madison settled a sexual harassment claim against a North Texas doctor for the sum of $25,000.00.


SEXUAL HARASSMENT/EXPLOITATION ATTORNEY KEVIN MADISON JUST SETTLED A CLAIM AGAINST A TEXAS MAN WHO INFECTED HIS SEXUAL PARTNER WITH HERPES VIRUS FOR $150,000.00.   At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison, P.C., Attorney Kevin R. Madison has settled cases throughout Texas for Intentional, Reckless, and Negligent Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Herpes Simplex Virus) for amounts that range from $25,000 to over $160,000. Although the most common STD claims are usually Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) claims, we handle all types of sexually transmitted disease claims, including: Herpes, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Genital Warts, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), and Chlamydia.  Call for a free telephone or office consultation. (512) 708-1650. All consultations are held in the strictest of confidence. We have a female Registered Nurse on staff for those who prefer to discuss their case with a female medical provider.


Sexual Harassment at Work (copyright 2017)

Sexual Harassment occurs when an employer, supervisor, or co-employee makes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or unwanted physical contact that is offensive or lewd.

Employees have the legal right to assert sexual harassment claims against their employer based on sexual harassment and sexual discrimination at the workplace if the employer fails to take corrective action or violates a mandate contained in federal or state regulations.

These cases are brought under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title VII. The complaint is filed by an individual or their attorney with the Texas Workforce Commission or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Claims pursued against employers under the 1064 Civil Rights Act can only be investigated and pursued if your employer has 15 or more full-time employees. The first question a labor law attorney will probably ask you is, “how many full-time employees does your employer have.”

What do employees do when they work for a small business or just one boss? At my law firm, we do not handle EEOC cases. We do not have to worry about the onerous time reporting limitations, some as short as 180 days, and 15 employee threshold requirements of federal and state civil rights laws.

We pursue sexual harassment cases against employers, business owners, and high-level supervisors using Common Law (case law not statutes). Case law that comes from our English Justice system. For hundreds of years, England and America have recognized the legal right of an assault victim (physical assault with bodily injury and even offensive touching) to sue their assailant.

In cases that involve groping, touching, or outrageous intentional lewd conduct, we assert a claim of “civil assault” against the offender. Civil charges of Assault by Contact and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress are utilized to pursue business owners and upper level management (President, Vice President, CEO, Directors, etc.) who sexually harass and physically assault an employee. Some examples of illegal conduct by an employer or a high-level supervisor include:
• Repeated unwelcome comments of a sexual or lewd nature to an employee
• Sending lewd or pornographic emails, text messages, or voicemail to an employee
• Unwelcome groping or touching of an employee
• Unwelcome kissing of an employee
• Sexual assault of an employee
• Requesting sexual acts from an employee
• Describing sexual fantasies about an employee to that employee

In Texas, it is illegal for an employer to even touch an employee in a manner that would be considered offensive or provocative by a reasonable person.

We have obtained monetary damage recoveries against doctors, lawyers, business owners, and others who have molested their employees by kissing their employees, touching their employees’ buttocks or breasts, and even lewd and lascivious behavior, such as making repeated and unwelcome lewd comments of a sexual nature.

Send any questions you want answered to:  There is never a fee for a confidential telephone or email consultation at my law firm.

Attorney Kevin R. Madison

Invasion of Privacy Case Settlement in Dallas, Texas

The law Offices of Kevin R. Madison just settled an Invasion of Privacy case in Dallas against a Perpetrator who attempted to take video recording of our Client partially undressed. Confidential 5 Digit settlement!

We handle Invasion of Privacy cases, like this, throughout Texas, always on a percentage (contingency) fee basis. Never a retainer and never an hourly fee. If no recovery obtained, the client does not pay us a penny. All consultations are held in strictest of confidence and female nurse on staff. Telephone consultations available 7 days a week.

Attorney Kevin R. Madison

Tel (512) 708-1650


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