SExual Abuse by Doctors


The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison obtained a $350,000 gross settlement for two Texas women clients who were groped by their physician. We are honored to represent victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation throughout the State of Texas. If the State Board of Medical Examiners won’t do anything to predatory physicians, we are happy to take the reins! Please note that the overwhelming majority (95+%) of physicians are honorable and ethical doctors, as my father was, whose sole interests are to care for and heal their patients. However we must weed out that predatory 5%. Same with mental health professionals – therapists, clergy, and rabbis – who violate their position. We also pursue claims against attorneys who sexually abuse, molest, or harass their female clients. I use my police investigative skills and prosecution skills honed as an assistant District Attorney to pursue these predators. We never charge an hourly fee or retainer. We only get paid if we get a settlement for our client. Zero risk for our clients. I am always honored to review all cases with no charge or any legal obligation to hire me. Strict Confidentiality. Most cases settle without a public lawsuit being filed. If we have to file a lawsuit we try to file without using client’s real name. Please call (512) 708-1650 or email me ( for a free consultation anytime.

Help for patients sexually exploited by their Doctors and Therapists.

Check out my You Tube video on what patients should do when they are sexually molested or exploited by their doctors, psychiatrists, or therapists.  We also sue lawyers, priests, and others who abuse their positions of trust in our community and prey on women and men.

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