SExual Abuse by Doctors


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Attorney Kevin R. Madison also serves as an Expert Witness in Police, Fire, EMS, and Security Matters.

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In addition to my work as a litigation attorney, Super Lawyer® and a “AV-Preeminent” rated attorney by Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory, I am court-qualified and also serve as an EXPERT WITNESS in Police, Fire, and Security matters.

In short, my credentials: Former Assistant District Attorney. Eight years’ law enforcement experience as a Police Chief, Investigator, Police Officer, Campus Police Officer, and Deputy Sheriff. Ten years’ Security Supervisor experience. Former Municipal Safety Officer. 1st Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do. Red Belt Kuk Sool Won. Martial Arts Instructor. Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Instructor. Twelve years’ experience in the Fire arena as a: Firefighter, Engine Driver and Engineer, Fire Safety Officer, EMT, and EMS First Responder.

Unlike other security and police expert witnesses, I have decades of experience litigating these types of tort and negligence cases and have firsthand knowledge as a police officer, EMS first responder, firefighter, and security officer of the duties and responsibilities of these professions.

Available nationwide, for plaintiff or defense, in cases involving injury or death caused by assaults, inadequate security, high-speed pursuits, emergency vehicle crashes, and excessive force claims. Also available for physical security, building site reviews, and safety analysis. Very reasonable fees. Court-qualified.

I was recently awarded Board-Certification as a “Professional Investigator” by ASIS, International, one of the oldest and most respected international security associations.

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The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison recently obtained a $350,000 gross settlement for two women who were groped and sexually molested by their physician.  In addition to the perpetrator having to liquidate a large amount of his assets to fund this settlement he relinquished his license to practice medicine.

We are honored to represent victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation throughout the State of Texas.  We believe that the overwhelming majority of physicians are honorable and ethical doctors, as my father was, whose sole interests are to care for and heal their patients.  My wife is a licensed Registered Nurse. I, too, am a Healthcare Provider as a volunteer Firefighter and EMT.  We all have an ethical duty to weed out predators that we find in any profession, whether they be mental health professionals, therapists, clergy, rabbis, teachers, or attorneys who sexually abuse, molest, or harass women, men, or children.

I use my police investigative skills and prosecution skills that I honed as a Criminal Investigator and as an Assistant District Attorney to pursue these predators. We never charge an hourly fee or retainer. We only get paid if we get a settlement for our client. Thus, there is no financial risk for our clients. I am always honored to review all cases with no charge or any legal obligation to hire me. Strict Confidentiality of all prospective clients.  Most cases settle without a public lawsuit being filed. Please call (512) 708-1650 or email me ( for a free consultation anytime. Female nurse available to discuss your case for female callers, if desired.

December 7, 2020 Attorney Kevin Madison Comments Off on Settlement Against North Texas Doctor for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

Settlement Against North Texas Doctor for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

Attorney Kevin R. Madison recently obtained a $75,000 settlement against a Waco area physician for inappropriately hugging his patient and then sending her several lewd text messages with pornographic videos, attached. The doctor was aware of the fact that his patient had anxiety, ADHD, and depression issues and was actually treating her for those mental health issues when he sexually exploited her.  Our law firm was able to settle this case two weeks after our client hired us.

We are honored to represent the unfortunate victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation throughout the State of Texas. Since the State Board of Medical Examiners has a poor record of taking action against predatory physicians, we are happy to take the reins!  Please note that the overwhelming majority of physicians are honorable and ethical doctors, as my father was, whose sole interests are to care for and heal their patients.  

For over 15 years I have served as a First Responder Emergency Services Healthcare Provider (volunteer Firefighter/EMT). My wife is a Registered Nurse with over 34 years of service. However, we have an ethical obligation to weed out the few predatory physicians who violate the law and their Hippocratic Oath. The same is true with mental health professionals – therapists, clergy, and rabbis – who violate their position.

We also vigorously pursue claims against attorneys and other professionals (professors, teachers, etc.) who sexually abuse, molest, or harass women.  For over 25 years I have used my training and skills from having served as a police officer, investigator, and Assistant District Attorney to pursue predators who harass, exploit or molest women, men, and children. I do not charge hourly fees or ask for a retainer. All of our contracts are based on a percentage contingency fee. I am paid only if I obtain a settlement for my client. My fee is based on a percentage of the recovery. Therefore, there is no risk for my clients.

I would be honored to review your case and, of course, there is no charge for a telephone or Facetime consultation nor is there any legal obligation to hire me. Most cases are settled without a lawsuit having to be filed.

Call (512) 708-1650 or email me at for a free consultation. All reviews are held in the strictest confidence.  Female nurse on staff for clients who may prefer to speak to a woman.

Help for patients sexually exploited by their Doctors and Therapists.

Check out my You Tube video on what patients should do when they are sexually molested or exploited by their doctors, psychiatrists, or therapists.  We also sue lawyers, priests, and others who abuse their positions of trust in our community and prey on women and men.

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