Physical Assaults by Professional Athletes and College Athletes

Physical Assaults by Professional Athletes and College Athletes

If you are the victim of a physical assault by a professional athlete or a college athlete, you should contact an attorney to determine whether you have a cause of action (claim).

A Physical Assault is unwanted contact usually resulting in bodily injury, such as a black eye, bruising, broken bones, or fractures.

Physical assault can also include unwanted touching or groping. In Texas a person can bring a civil cause of action for an assault, unwanted touching, that does not cause a physical injury. This would include assaults such as slapping another person in the face, or groping or touching another person on their breast, buttocks, legs, or genitals without their consent.

Unwanted physical touching of a victim’s breasts, legs, or buttocks, although not a Sexual Assault may still constitute a Physical Assault that gives you the legal right to assert a civil tort claim against the perpetrator.

I handle all claims like these on a percentage fee basis, called a “contingency fee.”  The contingency fee for assault and sexual assault cases is 40% of the gross amount recovered from the assailant plus out of pocket costs. You never pay me an hourly fee or “cash retainer fee.” If I am unable to obtain a settlement (recovery) for you, you will not owe me a penny, not even any of my out-of-pocket costs.  My fee is “contingent” upon my obtaining a settlement for you!

Statistically, the overwhelming majority of these assailants quietly settle their claims out of the scrutiny and publicity of a public courtroom.  If it becomes necessary for us to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator, then we will file and pursue your civil claims against your assailant.

Most Personal Injury Car Accident attorneys do not have the experience or knowledge to handle these criminal/civil tort claims. You need an attorney who has a wealth of Criminal Law and Prosecution experience to handle a case like this. Please compare my credentials to those of other attorneys who profess to have the credentials to handle intentional assault claims. Most don’t. My background includes experience and training as a: Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Investigator, Sex Crime Investigator, Assault Crime Investigator, Police Chief, and Prosecutor (Assistant District Attorney for Travis County, Texas). I have successfully handled dozens and dozens of these types of cases and obtained cash settlements for many of my clients.  Call us for a free office or telephone consultation at (512) 708-1650. We also have a female Registered Nurse on staff to discuss cases involving sexual assaults of women.

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