Sexual Harassment

Houston Sexual Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Suing Your Employer or High-Level Supervisor for Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment occurs when an employer or supervisor makes continued unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or unwanted physical contact that is offensive or lewd. At The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison, P.C. we vigorously pursue cases against employers and high-level supervisors who sexually harass employees. Mr. Madison has pursued business owners, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers for sexually harassing their employees.

Kevin R. Madison pursues sexual harassment cases against employers, business owners, and high-level supervisors using state laws that prohibit unwelcome touching (“assault by contact”) and outrageous conduct that causes serious emotional distress (“intentional infliction of emotional distress”), rather than using federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws that prohibit sexual harassment. In cases that involve groping, touching, or outrageous intentional lewd conduct, Mr. Madison pursues the predators using Texas statutes and causes of action recognized by Texas appellate courts (case law). Civil charges of Assault by Contact and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress are utilized to pursue those who sexually harass their employees.

Some examples of illegal conduct by an employer or a high-level supervisor include:

  • Repeated unwelcome comments of a sexual or lewd nature to an employee
  • Sending lewd or pornographic emails, text messages, or voicemail to an employee
  • Unwelcome groping or touching of an employee
  • Unwelcome kissing of an employee
  • Sexual assault of an employee
  • Requesting sexual relations from an employee
  • Describing sexual fantasies about an employee to that employee

In Texas it is illegal for an employer to even touch an employee in a manner that would be considered offensive or provocative by a reasonable person. Mr. Madison has successfully obtained monetary (money) damage recoveries against doctors, lawyers, business owners, and others who have molested their employees by kissing their employees, touching their employees’ buttocks or breasts, and by making repeated and unwelcomed lewd statements of a sexual nature. Additionally, we pursue claims of assault against employers and business owners who assault, strike, or unlawfully touch their employees. We pursue legal claims against persons who molest or assault their housekeepers, nannies, staff, and domestic servants.

We pursue sexual harassment and sexual indecency cases against predators including these types of relationships and situations:

  • Employer sexually harassing an employee
  • Employer sexually harassing a Contract Employee
  • Employer sexually harassing a Temporary Worker (Temp)
  • Homeowner sexually harassing a Babysitter
  • Homeowner sexually harassing a Nanny
  • Homeowner sexually harassing a Housekeepers or Domestic Servants

Victims of sexual harassment may experience depression and guilt over the abuse they suffered. It is important to remember that victims do not ask to be abused.  It takes time, counseling, and healing to transition from being a victim to a survivor. Whether you were sexually harassed by an employer or a trusted professional, you may have the right to pursue a civil action against your abuser. At The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison, P.C. we are dedicated to helping the survivors of sexual harassment assert their legal right and moral duty to pursue predators and bullies and to seek financial compensation that the law allows from those who sexually harass and abuse others.

For more information about our services, or to speak with an experienced Houston sexual harassment attorney, please contact The Law Offices of Kevin R. Madison, P.C. at (512) 708-1650 or e-mail us at for your FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation. Telephone consultations are available. Weekend and evening appointments are also available. We have a female Registered Nurse on staff. Mr. Madison has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a trained Victim Advocate and former board member of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, as well as having training and experience when he served as a police officer, investigator, Chief of Police, and served as an Assistant District Attorney of Travis County in Austin, Texas.

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