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December 7, 2020 Attorney Kevin Madison Comments Off on Settlement Against North Texas Doctor for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

Settlement Against North Texas Doctor for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

Attorney Kevin R. Madison recently obtained a $75,000 settlement against a Waco area physician for inappropriately hugging his patient and then sending her several lewd text messages with pornographic videos, attached. The doctor was aware of the fact that his patient had anxiety, ADHD, and depression issues and was actually treating her for those mental health issues when he sexually exploited her.  Our law firm was able to settle this case two weeks after our client hired us.

We are honored to represent the unfortunate victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation throughout the State of Texas. Since the State Board of Medical Examiners has a poor record of taking action against predatory physicians, we are happy to take the reins!  Please note that the overwhelming majority of physicians are honorable and ethical doctors, as my father was, whose sole interests are to care for and heal their patients.  

For over 15 years I have served as a First Responder Emergency Services Healthcare Provider (volunteer Firefighter/EMT). My wife is a Registered Nurse with over 34 years of service. However, we have an ethical obligation to weed out the few predatory physicians who violate the law and their Hippocratic Oath. The same is true with mental health professionals – therapists, clergy, and rabbis – who violate their position.

We also vigorously pursue claims against attorneys and other professionals (professors, teachers, etc.) who sexually abuse, molest, or harass women.  For over 25 years I have used my training and skills from having served as a police officer, investigator, and Assistant District Attorney to pursue predators who harass, exploit or molest women, men, and children. I do not charge hourly fees or ask for a retainer. All of our contracts are based on a percentage contingency fee. I am paid only if I obtain a settlement for my client. My fee is based on a percentage of the recovery. Therefore, there is no risk for my clients.

I would be honored to review your case and, of course, there is no charge for a telephone or Facetime consultation nor is there any legal obligation to hire me. Most cases are settled without a lawsuit having to be filed.

Call (512) 708-1650 or email me at for a free consultation. All reviews are held in the strictest confidence.  Female nurse on staff for clients who may prefer to speak to a woman.

Even if Your Employer is not Subject to the EEOC You May Still Have a Claim!

Even if Your Employer is not Subject to the EEOC You May Still Have a Claim!

What can you do if you are the target of unwanted sexual advances or groping by your employer and you work for a sole proprietor or a small business? A business that clearly does not fall within the jurisdiction of the federal or state Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) administrative agencies that pursue sexual harassment claims against employers who have 15 or more full-time employees. I receive several calls a month from women who have been groped or relentlessly harassed by their boss at small businesses or sole proprietorships.

Many of these women have been turned away by EEOC sexual harassment law attorneys after being told, “I’m sorry, we can’t take your case because your employer has less than 15 full-time employees, so you can’t assert a EEOC claim against them.” This is a very sad situation because many of these women have unnecessarily waived their legal right to assert a claim against a predatory employer, after being told that they had no right to assert a sexual harassment claim under the EEOC laws. Many of these egregious acts of harassment, assaults, and even sexual assaults are being committed by the owner of these businesses. No matter what size entity you work for, you have the legal right to sue an individual personally for assault, groping, or repeated lewd and lascivious behavior that borders on intentional and extreme outrageous conduct!

At my law firm, we do not handle cases that are subject to the strict rules and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). We pursue sexual harassment cases against directly against the individuals who commit these atrocious acts- the business owners and high-level supervisors. We utilize long-standing state laws that prohibit unwelcome touching (“assault by contact”) and outrageous conduct that causes serious emotional distress (“intentional infliction of emotional distress”), rather than using federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws that prohibit sexual harassment. In cases that involve groping, touching, or outrageous intentional lewd conduct, we can file civil charges of Assault by Contact and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress are utilized to pursue those who sexually harass their employees.

Here’s a question I hear a lot from prospective clients, “Do I have to use my real name if we file a lawsuit?” The answer is, “no.” In many cases, when we file lawsuits involving perpetrators for sexual assaults, we use using a pseudonym, such as “Jane Doe” instead of using the client’s real name, to protect their identity.

All calls or emails are held in the strictest of confidence. I have a female R.N. on staff to accommodate women who are more comfortable speaking with another woman. All cases that we accept are accepted on a percentage fee basis- there is never a retainer or hourly fee. If we are unable to obtain a settlement for a client, the client does not pay us a penny for our time or costs.

Please call for a consultation (512-708-1650) or email me ( for an appointment or free confidential telephone consultation. Also, please check out my website at

Attorney Kevin R. Madison

June 27, 2013 Attorney Kevin Madison Comments Off on Texas Department of Public Safety Settles Sexual Assault Body Cavity Search Claim against Female Highway Patrol Trooper

Texas Department of Public Safety Settles Sexual Assault Body Cavity Search Claim against Female Highway Patrol Trooper

DALLAS (AP) — Two women subjected to body cavity searches along a highway have settled their civil rights lawsuit against the Texas Department of Public Safety.The Dallas Morning News reports the $185,000 settlement was finalized Tuesday. A DPS statement Wednesday says an agreement was reached by all parties and the litigation has been settled.Last July’s search of 38-year-old Angel Dobbs and her 24-year-old niece, Ashley Dobbs, by a female trooper was captured by patrol car video. Trooper Kelly Helleson allegedly used the same glove for both body searches. No drugs were found.Helleson, who was later fired, faces two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression.

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